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Chris Anthony

Founder, Director & Career Coach

“Find your north star, nothing else matters.

.An optimist, futurist, and founder of Mind Morph Pty Ltd. He has seen firsthand the frustrations of employers and employees during COVID-19. Intelligent talent matching and establishing high-performing teams had been his forte. He has worked for high tech Fortune 500 companies and championed the cause of STEM education through the non-profit he co-founded in 2016 called Pathly, Inc (previously Teachers on Wheels). He is an avid advocate for diversity and inclusion

Brief Story

In 2020, I saw how COVID-19 destroyed a team of highly successful business leaders in an awardwinning business unit of a large ICT organization. At the same time, more than a million Australians were without jobs. It has been tough to break into the job market even for the high-profile leaders with their exceptional skills. Little did we know that the recruiter’s paradigm of an ‘ideal leader’ has shifted. Today, for the most part, an App makes that decision now. Mind Morph came into being to introduce a new approach to talent acquisition. We take an analytical and evidence-based approach to match talent. One in which teams can offset the lack of unique strength, drive, thinking preference, or leadership competencies. We coach professionals in and for the hi-tech sector to find meaningful work in which they thrive and not just survive.



“Change the behavior, change the outcome, change the business.”

Julie Bennett

Chief People Engineer

Julie helps people understand themselves, their teams and the business better. Through coaching, consulting, facilitation and proven strategies, she helps you reach your goals to build high performing teams, reduce conflict before it happens and develop future leaders to improve the business for today and tomorrow.

With more than 20 years working with global leaders of all leadership levels, Julie’s commitment is to solve people problems with people. Change the behavior, change the outcome, change the business.

Martin van Elmpt

Leadership Coach
Martin is a leadership trainer and coach with 25 years of global experience as a Senior Manager and Leadership Mentor in the corporate world.

He achieved his successes as a leader in companies such as Dell/EMC, Cisco, NetApp and Siemens, by setting practical goals, working on the basis of mutual trust and respect and clear communication to his teams. His passion lies in coaching and developing people and sharing his own experience as a leader and colleague. With passion, energy and humor he likes to inspire, and help people finding their own unique talents to become successful in doing the right things.

Martin wrote a book about corporate life in a changing world, gives talks about how to be successful on your terms, and provides coaching and training to both individuals as businesses.

Anthony Sunay

Career Coach
Anthony has been in the business world for about 30 years working in multiple large corporations as well as small enterprises in a variety of positions technical and non-technical. He has also worked as a business advisor and career coach for a number of years as well. Anthony uses a combination of academic and practical experience to achieve the desired outcome for all his clients.

Sarojani (Sara) Shrestha

Career Coach
Sara is an IT visionary leader and an Empowerment and Leadership coach. She is a passionate and accomplished CCIE Certified IT professional with 17 years of strong background in supporting, delivery and leading the operations of IT Infrastructure services. She is passionate about helping people unlock their full potential. Hence, she pursued her life coaching journey about a year ago and acquired her Life coaching certification from Jay Shetty Certification school.

Her purpose is to empower people, connect with their inner being, gain the awareness, overcome the fear and live their higher self.