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Talent Acquisition

What is it?

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-enabled platform is built to simplify talent screening and skill matching. We cut the time by a third by using advanced algorithms to identify the ‘right’ skilled talent required by employers in a matter of minutes. We are a team of experienced hiring managers, and we know the right talent is more than just their resume; we assess individuals for their key strengths, innate drives, how they think under pressure.

Hiring is the easy when you know how to grow and retain your top talent. We use advanced leadership coaching using the well-known leadership assessments tools used by 97% of the Fortune 500 companies in the world. We help organizations hire to offset the lack of some key traits that they may be overlooking within their teams.

AI Candidate Assessments

What is it?

We take a holistic approach to get better results. You can now hire for skills as well as attitude using individual candidate assessment. Through a skills gap analysis algorithm, candidates are fully armed with information about their current and required skills. This is designed by technologists and hiring managers with years of experience in this space. A cost-effective solution with advanced analytics will reduce the stress of hiring the right candidates who otherwise may have been eliminated by the Application Tracking System (ATS)

For organizations, we offer candidates who are assessed for the right talent and soft skills. This includes using one of the assessment tools to establish if the candidate possesses the required key strengths, innate drives, and how they think under pressure. This can reduce the recruiters’ guesswork and reduce the organizations hiring cost while securing a candidate with the right organizational fit.

Whole Brain Thinking Preferences

What is it?
We use proven, highly validated tools and systems that increase thinking agility and diversity so that you can achieve higher levels of performance. Our practical, easy-to-apply programs and methods help you succeed in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. We are certified in the Whole Brain® Model and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®)

Stand Out Assessment & coaching

What is it?

How you handle yourself in various scenarios might shed light on your best self. StandOut will capture your unique value. Using the results of the StandOut Assessment, you can learn how to maximise your strengths in the workplace. As opposed to the inward-looking nature of most assessments, StandOut provides a detailed report on how others perceive you, along with insightful coaching advice.

Instinctive Drive®

What is it?
While other profiling tools measure personality and behaviour, the I.D.™ System uncovers your innate drives and motivations to reveal why you do what you do and precisely what you need to be at your best. ID System is used in large organizations to help individuals and teams be the best version of themselves to achieve tremendous success.

The Leadership Circle

What is it?
More than 70% of leaders are reactive by nature. This is more than an assessment tool. It captures your creative competencies, reactive tendencies, and inner operational systems that define your behaviour. Business executives have used this tool to find their true northern star.

Customer reviews

Thank you very much for your written feedback and answers to my question. The Resume optimization platform is really helpful to me.
Jane Lark

Recent Graduate

Wow! How did I miss this? I feel I burned my cash only to get my professional resume done, which matched 47% for that executive job description.
Alfred Roberts


I can’t wait to use the ‘thinking styles’ in my next team meeting. This will make my meetings worthwhile moving forward. Thank you Mind Morph!

Bo Lee