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Why Mind Morph

Cross Your Leadership Chasm

Vision Statement:

Mind Morph is a diverse network of leadership coaches working towards improving employability for thousands of young people each year. Together, we are driving impact across the country to achieve our vision that one day all young people in this nation will be able to discover a broader set of skills and attributes that will enable them to be successful throughout their working life.

Mission Statement:

To offer young people career options through revolutionary programs, while leading the way for a diverse workforce of the future.

We shrink breakthrough leadership findings into a new creative paradigm that we feature in their personalised profile assessments for thousands of business leaders.

Mind Morph can help organisations to reduce hiring costs, it is reported that organisations are spending over 30 percent of the base salary to find the candidate who is the ‘right fit’ for their culture. By hiring the right employees, a business can reduce the hiring cost and save valuable time for a well-researched leadership assessment for potential leaders not only to complement the organisational culture but also to meet and exceed the business needs.

A number of companies have successfully implemented Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®) and Whole Brain Thinking (WBT®) Career development to increase job fit, communication, and conflict resolution to reduce conflicts in contrasting communication styles, sales, and marketing effectiveness to gain insights into target markets, culture change, and organisational in merger and acquisitions instances. Strategy development to map executive strategy. And, creativity and innovation in startups and cross-functional team engagement.

The Instinctive Drives® System defines the innate instincts that drive and motivate individuals, by considering four key drives: the Instinctive Drive to Verify, to Authenticate, to Complete and to Improvise. In a fast-moving world, leaders have to think on their feet. Mind Morph enables you to be at your peak performance. This system is for individuals, teams & organisations. I.D System is backed by research for reliability and validity. Understanding the drives of individuals and then employing specific strategies for success can enhance communication and management. I.D. The system appears to help facilitate the management of occupational stress and improve employee wellbeing.

In a recent offsite, a Sydney based Not-for-profit organisation requested Instinctive Drive training for 22 married couples. The 2-day weekend offsite was an eye-opener for almost everyone involved. By the end of the program, each couple had a better understanding of their individual partners.

Here are some of the metrics: