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Do You Want to Future Proof Your Career and Stay Ahead in a Digital World?

The Challenge

For the youth of Australia, it’s a constant challenge to find suitable jobs. Every year, thousands of TAFEs and University graduates enter the job market in order to attain meaningful employment. Yet the unemployment rate in June 2020 reached a two-decade high of over 16 percent. This is especially true among the youth in Australia.

The main problem they face is that their qualifications do not meet the needs of the employer which leads to worst career outcomes. Today, their best option is to consult a career coach, industry mentors and review research data, but of course, the career coaches may have vested interest to support the institutions, industry experts have no time to mentors young people and quality research is generally not done prior to enrolling in a course. With over 8.3 million Australia’s Millennials entering the workforce in the next 6 years (ABS, 2016), the problem will only get worse over time.

If only there was a better way to produce graduates to fill the high demand jobs, then businesses could attain almost 20 percent higher productivity levels which would lead to staying competitive in the digital age. With over 17 percent increase in millennials entering the workforce in the next 6 years, there is a clear opportunity to meaningfully impact a huge number of people.

Our Approach

Our Careers Program consists of 3 stages of engagement

Core Skills programs are designed to equip young people with the knowledge they need to make informed study and career choices. We want to ensure they are ready for the future of work. In particular, we assist young people from culturally and linguistically diverse or disadvantaged backgrounds who need career guidance or assistance in finding employment. We address the specific career challenges such people face, including a lack of awareness of the diverse career options available to them, how to frame their life experiences as a career strength, and how to deal with language and cultural barriers when seeking employment.


Resume Matching program consists of helping fresh graduates with a resume to jobs matching using artificial intelligence so your resume is optimised to each job you want to apply. We do not believe a single generic resume will address fit the various requirements of the employer.


One-on-one Mentoring Program provides our participants access to industry experts to assess and customise programs based on the unique needs of the participants. We know for a number of Australian graduates, it can take over 3 years to find work. Many have become disengaged from their line of work because of the long delays in finding work. Our mentors use a number of leadership strategies to assess their personal drives, within several sessions they’ll be able to help them in their career journey.


Take these 2 simple steps and future proof your career.

Do you feel the high-cost education is destroying your career direction? Is your situation causing you stress, hopelessness, and wasted money?

You are not alone.

Every year more and more parents and students find themselves in what feels like a hopeless situation. It’s not their fault. They want an easier educational process, but the financial demands keep coming in, or your parents cannot afford such a high fee, or you know of other students who have squandered the time and money in irrelevant courses.

Sound familiar?

If so, there may be a solution. A solution that’s already been used by 1000’s of other students in similar situations.

If you could be studying stress-free within a year, what kind of difference would that make to you right now?

To be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that you are on the road to a better-quality time for you and your family.

There are just three steps to getting on the road to being stress-free when making educational choices.

Step 1: visit the job outlook website; you will be presented with a list of jobs in demand now and in the future.

Step 2: contact us to offer you a free consultation with one of our experienced coaches.

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