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Cross Your Leadership Chasm


Problem Statement:

In a recent company restructure, Executives, Senior Managers, and senior technical personnel of a large global organisation were impacted as a result of COVID-19. They did not have a need to write a resume for themselves for well over 20 years. They wanted to know how the Application Tracking System (ATS) works and how to write killer executive resumes for senior roles, particularly in the high tech industry.

Our Solutions:

Our Career Coaches provided access to our resume and cover letter optimization platform and showed them the strategies to attain an 80% plus Match Rate for any job description.


Many applicants with a high ‘Match Rate’ have secured job interviews. There is now a newly learned appreciation to view any job description more objectively. When they send well-crafted resumes and cover letters they also improve their personal reputation with those organisations.




4 Ways to secure a job during the time of Crisis

Our team has supported over 100 job seekers with their during COVID-19