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Cross Your Leadership Chasm


We offer professional and accredited Coaching solutions to support clients to achieve their goals through people engineering. We use various tried and test personality models to help clients achieve a number of business outcomes. Reputed vendor certification is creating a lot of interest in both the government and the corporate sector. The HBDI and Leadership coach keyword alone had over 50 hits each per month in the eastern states over the last 12 months (, 2020). However, less focus has been given by leadership coaches in the Not-for-profit sector.

Below is a list of the clients that we have specifically designed our coaching services for:


where time and funding are always a challenge and how to make the most with what you have.

Recruitment companies

Create a quality pipeline of potentials candidates.

New Managers/Leaders

Help newly hired Managers or Leaders to move from survive to thrive mode.

New Project teams

Understand the collective strength of a team and what to be aware of when make important decisions.

New companies

Integrate newly acquired teams to the cultural fit of the organisation.

Embed Mind Morph Coaching Solutions in the hiring and onboarding process

As a certified practitioner, trained in globally renowned products such as Whole Brain Thinking (WBT), Instinctive Drive System (ID) and The Leadership Circle (TLC). We can take your worry out of finding the ‘right fit’ candidate for your organisation’s culture. Our is not a psychometric test, it is more than that. Our assessment is based on a research backed models on how one thinks normally and when under pressure, how one makes decisions instinctively when juggling between competing priorities and how one can let go their reactive attributes and adopt creative competencies so they can move towards their own northern star. We can custom design a suitable solution to your specific needs.

We will coach your interview panel on how to determine the right qualities in the candidates to fit your needs, we can create scenario questions based on your actual business challenges to find your ‘right fit’ employee. Our job is not complete until we conduct a face to face workshop with new hires to fit in with your team culture.

Mind Morph Coaching Solutions to address business challenges