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Instinctive Drive System

Cross Your Leadership Chasm

What is Instinctive Drive?

The Instinctive Drives™ system (also known as the I.D. System™), is developed by Link-Up! International Pty Ltd. The system gauges the innate qualities of individuals engaging in combined activities. The team four key drives this system will assess are the drives to verify, authenticate, complete and Improvise. Through an improved understanding of the drives of individuals, their performance can be enhanced quickly by employing specific strategies for communication and management.

Not-for-profit sector: What’s in it for you?

In 2015, I ran an Instinctive Drive workshop for a NFP group in Sydney. The two-day event was organised at a retreat centre near the Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia.

The Problem Statement:

The team was not exposed to any sort of psychometric assessment prior to this workshop. The team lacked trust within their group. The senior members of the team, considered to be in-the-know because of their longevity in their service seemed use up the air-time. The younger and newer members of the organisation felt the organisation was missing growth opportunities. The leaders were finding it hard to get the projects completed in time, mainly because the senior members engaged in too much discussions and over-analysis while the newer members felt needless rush to complete projects especially after they had exhausted much time at the beginning.

We got the 12 members of the team to completed their ID Assessment. This is how their group’s ID culture looked:

12 Member Team’s Group ID Culture

Our Recommendation:

  • Identify the members who were ‘Use Verify’ (66%) and create discussions around creating scenarios of how a project would look if they adapted a quicker decision making process.
  • Create role-play using their current project, to show what a diverse pool of talent could achieve.
  • How to focus on the positives of the team and celebrate quick wins.
  • Identify risks and discuss on how to manage it (75% were ‘Avoid Improvise’)


  • Quicker decision were made particularly by leveraging the skills of the two individuals with a ‘Use Improvise’ ID.
  • Nominated two individuals who had ‘Use Complete’ as time keepers in our meeting especially to call out if we are going off the topic in meetings.

Our Proposal

Community Integration and Resilience Program

Program Description

Young men and women from the refugees and Asylum seekers communities with fairly good levels of English and educational backgrounds are in search of financial security and a better livelihood for themselves and their families. Often they are rushed to take on low paying labouring job simply to survive in a competitive workforce.

 In the workshops where they build confidence and resilience to give themselves a chance to make a fresh start in life.

  • Self Awareness – Understanding the real you.
  • Conflict resolution tactics- Improve two-way communication
  • Understanding others and what makes them work
  • Long term sustainability in relationship and employment.
  • Quick adaption of the drives in the ID System to reduce the time to get to know each other

Expected number of attendees:

60 attendees (4 sessions in a year)

Date of the Event:

Feb, May, Aug, Nov (days in the month, Saturday can be considered)

Where will the activity be held:

Council property, libraries – Fairfield or Parramatta

Provide details of the diversity of communities:

Attendees can be from any communities, essentially the target group would be refugees and asylum seekers who are unemployed or not in a job of their choice. This program will benefit community leaders who can play a pivotal role to integrate their community members.

What cultural group does this organisation represent:

This group represents predominantly the age groups of 19-35 across all cultural groups to build capacity in the youth to become contributing members of our society.

Demonstrate how the event will address Multicultural NSW Strategic priorities of Community, language and Capability:

We support attendees who are already qualified with fairly good grasp of English language but they are stuck in their jobs or life and cannot move forward. This program will assist the employable youth with self-confidence, capacity building and resilience to navigate their career choices.

Demonstrate how the event will measure outcomes:

1) Assessment report will be presented to individuals 2) Written feedback will be provided to the participants 3) Role play sessions will assist them to get out of their comfort zone

Demonstrate how you will promote Multicultural NSW Government funded event on your website and social media platforms:

We will create flyers in our websites, Add links to the social media feeds about our events and promote the work that NSW Government are doing with Multicultural communities.