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Cross Your Leadership Chasm

How can you, your team or your organisation process society’s relentless change in complexity and remain successful and happy?


The key is to think about your thinking. Every one of us have a preferred way to think because we all process information differently. The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) allows you to become aware of your thinking preferences in order to use them better in your personal and professional life. The Herrmann’s Whole Brain Model provides a roadmap for your thinking journey. A leading Telecom Service Provider in New Zealand by using Herrmann’s Whole Brain Model reduced the customer calls by 28%. The Whole Brain Model equipped staff members to tailor their language and tonality to complement each customers’ preferred way of processing information. We have used this model to strengthen work, family and community relationships.



Today there are many leadership models in the coaching industry that you could use to know about yourself and others. Whatever model you may use, it has to solve your business problem. In a world where everyone processes information differently, wouldn’t you want to slow down your world of unproductive meetings and extremely stretched out time to get a ‘yes’ sooner? This training is for you if you are a new leader in a team, community or large business. Our face-to-face workshops will give you enough skills to know about yourself and others and how work in a diverse team to solve real problems.


Each participant will be required to do a brief self-learning of the HBDI fundamentals and complete an assessment prior to attending the class. All training materials will be supplied on the first day of the class. Ideally, it would suit a class of 12 participants and it would help if they are from the same team to use real-life use cases to solve. The two-day workshop will cover the following:

Self Learning HBDI fundamentals

Introduction to HBDI and WBT

Understanding a HBDI profile