Cross Your Leadership Chasm

How to increase customer loyalty, even if you’re non-technical?


Take these 3 simple steps and improve customer loyalty

Do you feel too many repeated calls from the same customer are destroying your workday? Is your situation causing you stress, long delays, and unhappy customers?

You are not alone.

Every day more and more Call Centre workers find themselves in what feels like a hopeless situation. It’s not their fault. They want an easier customer support process, but the calls keep coming in, or your colleagues are busy, or the kids need to be picked up from the after-day care.

Sound familiar?

If so, there may be a solution. A solution that’s already been used by 1000’s of other companies in similar situations.

If you could be stress-free within a year, what kind of difference would that make to you right now?

To be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that you are on the road to a better-quality time for you and your family.

There are just three steps to getting on the road to being stress-free when working in a call center.

Step 1 is to read what the customers are telling about your product and services through the Net Promoter Score. The two key sections to watch out for are the percentage of ‘detractors’ and ‘passives’ and the comments they’ve provided.

Step 2 is to consult with an experienced customer service consultant who has experience in creating something called as the ‘closing the loop’ program to enhance the overall customer experience of the customer.

Step 3 is to use well tried and tested coaching models to train your Call Centre employed. They’ll, for instance, provide you with examples of how HBDI assessment can help teams in your situation and may even be able to guide you to a process that you could use.

The key is to think about your thinking.


We all have a preferred way to think because we all process information differently. The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) and the Whole Brain Model work in parallel. One shows you you think and the other provides a roadmap for your thinking journey. A leading Telecom Service Provider in New Zealand reduced customer calls by 28% by using Herrmann’s Whole Brain Model. The Whole-Brain Model equipped staff members to tailor their language and tonality to complement each customers’ preferred way of processing information.

HBDI & WBT models can be used to strengthen work life and your family and community relationships.