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Cross Your Leadership Chasm

Why Mind Morph Leadership Coaching?

Most organizations struggle to find quality leadership talent. The problem is partly due to a lack of training in management and soft skills in the education system and the failure to train leaders internally. HR managers in the region have already identified leadership development as a priority area. Mind Morph is attempting to fill this gap with a comprehensive Leadership training program for executives and aspiring managers.

Develop Transformative Leadership skills

If you want to be effective as a leader, you need to be visionary because employees are more motivated by a compelling vision than transactional relationships. We teach managers how to develop an inspirational style of leadership where employees feel they are critical to the success of the organization. We help you develop strategies of selling the vision in a way that convinces employees that their job is a calling to serve the greater good. In fact, it was reported in Glassdoor’s survey of 2019, that nearly 80% of job applicants would consider a company’s mission and purpose before applying.

Our Solutions are Built to Last

    1. We’ll show you how to reduce cost through efficient Hiring

Companies spend as much as 30% of base salary to find the ‘right’ candidate

We shrink breakthrough leadership findings into a new creative paradigm that we feature in their personalized profile assessments for thousands of business leaders. It is reported that organizations are spending over 30 percent of the base salary to find the candidate who is the ‘right’ for their culture. By hiring the right employees, businesses can reduce the hiring cost and save valuable time.

The HBDI® assessment instrument is based on the award-winning research of Ned Herrmann who led the development and validation of the Whole Brain Model™ to describe how people think. More than a million people worldwide have taken the HBDI®, which is the assessment tool at the heart of Herrmann International’s work with Fortune 500 companies and leading academic institutions. for a well-researched leadership assessment for potential leaders not only to complement the organizational culture but also to meet and exceed the business needs. Mind Morph Leadership Coaching combines several well-known coaching models that are currently used in large organizations. Our coaching model is designed to help you become self-aware and understand your unique environment to solve your pressing business challenges.

2. Want to know how to create a highly engaged workforce by taking calculated risks?


Some people get stuck in the same job or position for several years because they fear taking risks. However, great leaders always take calculated risks and tough decisions. Our expert leadership coaches train managers on how to make difficult decisions that are consistent with the values and vision of the organization. We teach managers how to develop an inspirational style of leadership where employees feel they are critical to the success of the organization. This often comes by understanding how to rationalize using your instinct, researching skills, and intelligence.







3. How leaders lookout for new ideas to create an agile and productive workforce?




Transformative leaders are creative and always lookout for new ideas that can change the organization and enhance performance. We teach managers how to embrace new technologies and innovations that can improve employee productivity. We will share strategies on how to solicit ideas from employees and create a learning organization. These are the tools you will use to create an agile organization that highly responsive to changes in the market.





Why Us?

We are trained in The Leadership Circle™, Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument – HBDI™, and Instinctive Drive – ID™ along with several other well-known models. We see the diversity of all sorts as a gift, we help you unleash your gift as an opportunity to transform your inner being. A transformed being is the one who is tested, proven with an ability to create conversations to address the status quo. We customize a solution based on your needs drawing from over twenty years of leadership experience in ICT, education, Not-for-profit, and manufacturing industries.

Our coaching is endorsed by fortune 500 executive leaders with a commitment to add to the growing number of professional coaches who want to reach our audience of leadership-conscious organizations. Our leadership coaching methods have saved thousands of hours saved in complex projects, improved workforce utilization, and increased customer and employee loyalty. Some of the well-known global companies have successfully implemented our coaching to create effective leaders and dynamic teams.

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), there are over 53,300 certified coaches. However, there is only a small group of coaches who use the well-known and researched leadership models, such as The Whole Brain Thinking Model®, The Leadership Circle® program, and The Instinctive Drive System®. Mind Morph Leadership Coaches are trained and certified in these models. You can start applying the lesson learned almost immediately through our evidence-based use cases and case studies.

Companies with a low employee engagement score can benefit from our coaching. Our team profiles and associated role-plays are designed to help you start thinking immediately like a high-performing team. For instance, the Whole Brain Thinking model used by a leading telecom client saw an exponential enhancement of customer loyalty, this is only possible through a highly engaged workforce.

Our target is in these four customer segments – New Managers, New Teams, New Leaders, and Manager of Managers. Our personal coaching caters to the self-awareness portion based on the profile assessment data. The team workshop will use several role-plays and activities based on individual team profile assessments.

We have over 20 years of leadership experience in ICT, Education, Not-For-Profit, and Manufacturing Industries. Our coaches come with industry-relevant experiences in building global teams for Fortune 100 global companies.